Corona came from China; Will not be seen lightly: Trump | Coronavirus | US | Donald Trump


President Donald Trump has said that the Washington ∙ deadly coronavirus virus came from China and the US would not look at it lightly. It came from China. We’re not happy about that. Recently, we signed a trade agreement with China. Its ink is not dry. Then suddenly a new problem arose. This cannot be taken lightly – Trump said at a meeting with African-American leaders.

Trump has been criticized over the past few weeks over China’s inability to control the spread of coronavirus. But there is no indication of any action against China. Meanwhile, the Trump administration is under intense pressure from Republican senators to take action against China. 94,702 people have died so far in the US 15,77,147 were diagnosed with the disease.

English Summary: Coronavirus Came From China, US Not Going To Take It Lightly, Says Donald Trump

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