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Experts say Kovid will not pose much of a threat if it manages the population through contact and community outreach in Kerala.

Experts estimate that the total number of patients arriving from overseas and other states in the third row of Covid’s will increase to 6,000 in the near future. These figures may change if the disease prevalence in foreign countries and other states increases.

About 50.5% of the total Covid patients so far in Kerala are from overseas. About 21% are from other states. 28% of the patients were in contact. This is an analysis of the records of the Department of Health.

According to statistics after the Lockdown concessions, 8924 persons have returned from abroad. Of these, 120 are sick. Only 1.34% of the total attendees. Based on these averages, it is estimated that in the current scenario, if one lakh people return from abroad, 1340 of them may be sick. With 4 lakh registered patients returning, the number could reach 5,000.

89,716 people came from other states after the concession. Of these patients, 206. only 0.22%. Based on this figure, there are likely to be up to 440 patients if 2 lakh return from other states.

ികൾ Patients in Kerala 794

ത്തിയ Foreigners 401

ത്തിയ People from Other States 167

രോഗ Patients through contact 226

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Coronavirus third wave in Kerala

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