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KOCHI: Malayalam actor Mammootty has felicitated Mohanlal on his 60th birthday. Mammootty wishes Lal’s relationship with her in a Facebook video. Mammootty says: This is Lal’s birthday. It’s been 39 years since we met. It first appears on the set of the march. That experience, da to this day. Lal addresses me like my brothers are calling. I don’t feel happy when people call me that. A special pleasure when calling Lal. Feeling like one of my brothers. When it came to film, the two of us had a name, a combination of both of us. Unlike students who study only when they take exams, they focus on work only. The exams got good marks. That is why people still become actors who love them. The journey since then has been a long one. In the face of all the retail controversy and controversy, it was like ice. May our life lessons be lessons for those who come after us to understand and understand. Happy Birthday to this wonderful artist of Malayalam, Lal, to Malayalees, to Malayalam actor Mohanlal.


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