Concerns in Kannur rise Today Corona confirmed 12 people


Kannur: Coronavirus numbers on the rise Today, the number of patients treated for coronavirus in the district has risen to 59, with 12 more confirmed.

Of the affected persons, three were from foreign countries and six from other states. Three people get infected through contact.

A 67-year-old resident of Payyannur, who arrived in Dubai on May 12, a 39-year-old man from Chapparapadavu who arrived in Dubai on May 16, and a 42-year-old man from Vengadu, who arrived in Riyadh on the 20th, were affected by the disease. Two people from Thalassery who came to Ahmedabad on May 6, Pannur, Chokli, Peringathoor and Pinarayi hailing from Maharashtra, were the other affected.

Three people hailing from Dharmadam, aged 44, 42 and 17, have contracted the virus. The number of people affected by the disease has risen to 178. Of these, 119 were hospitalized. There are currently 10737 people in the district. With four more hotspots announced today, the number of hotspots in the district has increased to 19.

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