Cocaine ruined him and turned him from a world champion into a gardener


He was part of one of the greatest moments in Sao Paulo’s history, but cocaine use ruined his football career and turned him into a gardener.

Former Sao Paulo defender Flavio Donizette speaks openly about the effect of constant cocaine use, which Donizette admits he has been snorting almost daily for six years.

Donizette began his career as Morumbi’s talent, then won the state championship with Sao Paulo, the Copa Libertadores, and then came his star moment – the victory over Liverpool at the 2005 Club World Cup.

The former central defender managed to enter the squad for the tournament only because another defender – Leandro Bonfim, was injured, but never received playing time in the final.

Then sacrifice your gold medal to satisfy your addiction, which completely destroys his career.

“I sold it to buy drugs. I sold it for 7,000 reais (about $ 3,500),” Donize told Globoesporte.

I spent almost all my money on cocaine. The first part – cocaine for about 1000 reais, I sniffed for two days. The more money I had, the more drugs I wanted to buy.

After I started with cocaine, I lost everything. In the beginning, I rarely snorted until cocaine became the most important thing in my life and I started to lose everything else.

Whatever money I had, I gave for drugs. There was no chance I would be left without them. Morning, noon, evening – I took cocaine constantly.

Money, valuables, in general, everything I owned I lost because of drugs. But my wife, daughters and family never left me. They are with me to this day. “

After the great 2005 season, Donizette spent periods on loan at Portuguesa, America and Nacional in Sao Paulo before his contract expired in 2009.

The defender decides to relax with friends, but the party turns into a six-year hole that takes him away from football. The defender did not smell the terrain at that time, before passing briefly through Taboao de Serra, before giving up completely.

“My friends used to tell me, ‘Snort!’ I snorted, which neutralized the effects of alcohol,” the former defender admits.

Whenever I went out, I would say to myself, “I can drink as much as I want tonight, because I’m going to snort cocaine and that’s gonna fix everything. Let’s find some white.”

I didn’t go home for days, I was constantly drunk at various parties. There were times when not a day went by without me taking coca.

I started to gain weight because of alcohol, I injured my knee and I couldn’t run. All this is a consequence of cocaine. That’s why I gave up football altogether. ”

Already at 36, Donizette is now absolutely clean and working as a gardener in the Brazilian town of Americana, about 100 kilometers from Sao Paulo.

He still dreams of one last episode as a professional and can’t describe how much he regrets the lost days of partying, drinking and snoring.

“I’m most sorry I tried cocaine. It ruined my life.”

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