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One of the best masks used to prevent the spread of Covid-19 is fabric. A study by MacMaster University of Canada found that cloth masks are the best to use.

The use of masks can, to some extent, prevent the spread of coronavirus. It is necessary to use the mask while coughing and sneezing. Wear mask when leaving home. If the infected person wears a mask, they can prevent the spread of viruses into the atmosphere when they sneeze or cough.

When the person wearing the mask breathes in, it is able to block most of the tiny particles in the air. Similarly, if the infected person is wearing a mask, they can prevent the spread of viruses into the air as they sneeze or carry.

The specialty of cotton fabric masks is that they can be washed and reused with soap. The cost is relatively low because it can be reused.

100% cotton, a minimum of 180 or more thread counts, and a thick and durable fabric can be chosen for the mask. (Thread counts are usually 40 -50 for a cotton t-shirt, 100-120 for shirts, 130-250 for tee towels, and 200-400 for a bedsheet.) For the same reason, 100% cotton tee towels are 100% cotton tea towel Studies have shown that masks made with high filtration efficiency.

Cloth masks can significantly reduce the amount of contamination caused by wearing a single-use mask every time. Using a non-fabric mask more than once can increase the risk of infection. Also, masks can be used for one-time use, and masks can be used to treat infections. One of the great features of the fabric mask is that it can be made at our convenience. These masks are most useful when going public and everyday.

English Summary: Cloth masks may prevent COVID-19 spread

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