Clint Eastwood – the latest western legend of Hollywood (PHOTOS BEFORE AND NOW)


Slightly narrowed eyes, a cigar between pursed lips, high, weathered cheekbones and relentlessness in the eyes – this is Clint Eastwood, the last western legend in Hollywood. One of the brightest stars of cinema turns 90 today, but it seems that “Dirty Harry” does not think to put the weapon in a holster. “My whole life is a big improvisation,” says Eastwood. And he doesn’t stop improvising.


Eastwood was born in 1930. He has enjoyed a career spanning seven decades and more than 50 films. In addition to the Oscars for Unforgiven and Million Dollar Baby, the Palme d’Or for overall creativity at the Cannes Film Festival, Eastwood’s catalog also contains several failures.

“I think he will keep working as long as he can … he seems to have a creative drive that drives him,” Tim Gray’s Tim Gray told AFP.

Eastwood hinted at future projects, but had not yet confirmed any plans before the coronavirus pandemic closed all production in March. In interviews, he expressed confusion over why luminaries like Billy Wilder and Frank Capra were leaving the business at a younger age, and spoke of his desire to keep working until he found projects “worth studying.”

Although he announced his retirement from acting after “Gran Torino” in 2008, Eastwood returned to the camera four years later in “Trouble with the Curve” and again in 2018 in “The Mule.”

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In addition to continuing to oversee Malpaso Productions, Eastwood, a former mayor of Carmel, California, remains politically engaged, backing retired presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg.

As the father of eight children by six different women and a grandfather rich in grandchildren, Eastwood is likely to be the subject of many hugs and kisses today. Only two of his wives had the honor of being his wives. Some of his children are from secret affairs and infidelities, which he initially did not want to admit as his own. Years later, Clint managed to get closer to all eight, and for the first time they all came to support him together at the premiere of his film The Mule in Los Angeles on December 10, 2018.

The many-time Oscar-winning actor, who became a director who made nine films in the decade after 80, did not want to retire before the anniversary. In addition, he will not make noisy parties.

“We’re just going to do a family thing – very, very calm,” his 34-year-old son Scott told Access Hollywood.

“We’ll definitely bring a cake. He probably won’t like it.”


In 2005, when he received an Oscar for directing “Million Dollar Girl,” Eastwood was 74 years old. This makes him the oldest winner of the award. To top it off, he was not accompanied to the award ceremony by anyone, but by his mother, who was 95 at the time.

Apart from acting, Eastwood is also trying his hand at politics. In 1986, he was elected mayor of Carmel, California and served for two years.


“I love directing just as much as I love acting.”

“Actually, a lot of people have asked me to sign my guns.”

“I like working with actors who have nothing to prove.”

“My whole life is a big improvisation.”

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