Clinical tests for coronavirus remain the most reliable ::


Photo: Emily Elconin / Bloomberg

Genetic tests for COVID-19 are the most reliable and suitable, even for early diagnosis, said the head of the clinical laboratory and clinical pharmacology at Alexandrovska Hospital, Acad. Dobrin Svinarov, on Nova TV.

According to him, every day since the beginning of the pandemic in some countries 7-8 different tests are approved, but most of them later turn out to be unreliable. Some of them missed up to 40% of cases, especially those in the early stages of the disease.

On the other hand, serological tests “are positive late in the encounter with the virus with or without clinical symptoms, and they usually positively positive after the 10th or, more certainly, after the 15th day from the onset of clinical symptoms,” Svinarov said. “Adding to this interval the usual incubation period shows that after the second or third week, serological evidence of the virus can be detected,” said the expert.

He explained that it is not clear how long the antibodies that make up most of those who come in contact with the virus stay in the body. It is still a mystery whether these antibodies create immunity.

“These are processes that are subject to study,” Svinarov said.

“The study of asymptomatic is also important, especially when the epidemic situation subsides,” said Acad. Svinarov.

He pointed out that asymptomatic cases are not the safest at the moment if the rules of distancing are followed.

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