Citizens of Burgas are massively testing for antibodies against coronavirus


Mass testing for antibodies against coronavirus begins in Burgas, reported by the municipality.

The aim of the large-scale representative study is to show the degree of immunity to coronavirus in the city.

Between 3,000 and 5,000 antibody tests will be provided, the exact number is still being determined.

The design and methodology of the study will be prepared within 7 days. The actual testing will be organized and conducted by RHI – Burgas in the first half of June.

Burgas on the way to be left without coronavirus tests

The city has stocks for only 2 days

Thus, at the beginning of the summer season, Burgas will have a representative study that will give it grounds to advertise itself as a safe destination and a safe region to visit and rest, according to the municipality.

Extensive testing will show how effective the measures have been in the seaside town and where to focus efforts on such crises in the future.

The Municipal Operations Headquarters points out that in Burgas already for many days in a row no new case has been registered of infected with coronavirus. There are only three patients accommodated in the Infectious Diseases Department of the University Hospital, and they are in good condition.

At the moment 1815 are quarantined in the district, and 740 – in the municipality. The testing of the staff in the Burgas kindergartens is going at a good pace before they return to work. Already 600 people have been tested by PCR.

The Municipality of Burgas wants its own laboratory for coronavirus research

The Municipality of Burgas wants its own laboratory for coronavirus research

To achieve greater efficiency and quick information about new samples

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