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Daya Ashwati is a well known star in the television industry through the Bigg Boss show. The actor has been active on social media since his release from the mercy show. Even after his arrival at Bigg Boss, he has been the victim of controversy and violence.

The picture of Daya’s marriage is marked by tali, cinderella and a few flowers on a yellow cord. Along with the picture that shows that Tali is worshiped from the temple, she has also given me a footnote titled ‘Ishwara Devi Kathonne…’. Is this the end of the wedding? Fans began to ask for comment, beginning with Thalia.

More clarity on the matter has not been kind. Not only that, they are also sharing interesting posts on Facebook. She hopes to open her mind about marriage soon. Daya, who hails from Palakkad, is the mother of two children. But the relationship was separated. His first marriage was at the age of sixteen.

Earlier, rumors circulated that the actor was getting married after sharing a picture of Daya Sindoom. News of her marriage to Daya Aswati was circulated through social media, pointing to a new headache and a new yellow thread on her neck. Kindness had reached that point

Kindness ended a five-year marriage. Recently, she had kindly expressed the difficulties of the first marriage. Both children are with her husband. Daya, who was working as a side artist in films, was working in Bahrain, studying the beauty course. This is where Tei comes to compete in the Bigg Boss.

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