cinema news | Bold as you are in every breath till now, Jasla Madassery’s video goes viral!


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Jasla has been a frequent critic of social media since her arrival in Big Boss. Jessla, who is active on social media, shares her story with her fans. Now, Jasla has shared the new video on Instagram, giving her the caption “Those lines.”

In her new video, Jasla is sharing the poem of ‘Illegal’. “I mean, the word itself is wrong. Politically Involved. Yeah, that’s cool. Just the will. I can’t remember where the breeze of love had blown in the journey from when I knew you to today. But to this day, in every breath, you have the courage.

You and I have cried in love despite a love affair. In love that fell from you today. I’m the only one in your chest that has a seed. I have repeatedly told myself that I do not want at least once in a while. But it’s a bad stretch. It was like a hollow to know that we were going to break up, like a cold shower. ” These are the lines in the poem by Jasla. Fans are asking Jasla whether she has ever seen a video or not. Jasla Madassery has shared similar videos of her before through her social media pages.

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