Chopra wonders why God is opening a place of worship and worship; Criticism | Aakash Chopra Criticised


Former Indian cricketer and current cricket commentator Aakash Chopra has criticized the proposal to open closed shrines in the wake of the Mumbai-Kovid expansion. With the completion of phase four of the lockdown, the central government has approved the opening of places of worship from the next stage. The central government has approved the opening of a shrine, hotel, restaurant and shopping mall from June 8. Chopra has come forward to criticize the opening of the shrine.

Chopra tweeted on Twitter that she does not understand the need to open shrines when there are serious restrictions, such as lockdown. Chopra has opposed the opening of the shrine, citing that it would cause large crowds.

It is understood that the closure of malls and restaurants could have serious economic consequences. Therefore, closing them down can lead to severe setbacks. But why is the decision to open the shrines so soon? God is everywhere. No. Chopra posted on Twitter.

Meanwhile, Chopra’s tweet against the opening of the shrine has been criticized. Fans have pointed out that it is not right to expose religious matters. Chopra’s tweet was quoted by some fans as saying:

Another fan replied that he did not expect such unilateral comments from Chopra. The fan reminded Chopra that at least some of the people who depended on their places of worship had to be treated. Another fan replied as to why the hotels and malls are open when they can buy food from the hotel and from the malls.

English summary: Aakash Chopra gets bashed on Twitter after he questions reopening religious places

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