China’s Kovid Vaccine: China’s Kovid Vaccine: Researchers Succeed in Experiment


Researchers say the first trial of a vaccine developed in China against the Kovid-19 virus was successful. In a study of 108 volunteers, the researchers found that the vaccine was safe and able to make the body immune to Covidine. Researchers say more tests are needed to confirm the effectiveness of the virus.The New York Times reports that the vaccine’s first phase of clinical trial has been successful, with 108 volunteers between the ages of 18 and 60 injected. Researchers claimed that within two weeks of injection of a single dose of vaccine, the body’s immune system developed T cells, and after 28 days, the maximum number of antibodies against the virus was formed.

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According to the report, the vaccine was made by combining genetic elements with the ability to produce antibodies against Kovid-19 in the AD5 virus. With this the body is able to resist coronavirus infection. According to PTI, the final results will be published within six months after a detailed examination.

There are more than 100 trials in the world to develop an effective vaccine against Kovid-19. The scientific world hopes to develop an effective vaccine against the virus in the next year and a half. Currently no effective drug or vaccine is available for coronavirus infection. Kovid-19, which affects more than 2.5 million people in the world, has so far claimed 338,000 deaths. Researchers who developed the vaccine say the results of the vaccine they developed are important. They have also shown that taking a single dose of the AD5 – Encove vaccine will produce T cells and antibodies against the virus within 14 days.

The New York Times reports, however, that only 45 to 60-year-olds have been shown to have immunity and how long the immune system lasts.

The vaccine, developed by a company called Moderna in the US, has been found to be safe and effective in the initial phase of testing.

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