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China spends $ 179 billion this year on Beijing ∙ The announcement was made in Friday’s budget. This year China has sanctioned three times India’s allocation of defense. China made $ 177.61 billion last year.

Meanwhile, the country’s official news agency Xinhua News reported that China spends a quarter of US defense spending in the region. However, it is estimated that this amount of money cannot be used to expand the army and build sophisticated weapons.

However, National People’s Congress (NPC) spokesman Zhang Ysui rejected this claim. “Every year since 2007, the UN has been reporting on China’s defense spending,” he added. According to the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI), China’s defense spending last year was $ 232 billion.


India’s total budget of $ 66.9 billion has been allocated for defense. China spends 1.3% of its GDP. Its global average is 2.6%. Many countries have noticed that China is spending such a huge amount of money in the backdrop of all regions of the world being affected by Kovid-19. Experts believe that this should be accompanied by China’s efforts to fuel border disputes with India.

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China Hikes Defense Budget $ 179 Billion, Nearly Three Times That Of India

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