China triples India’s ambitious budget by increasing defense budget


Beyond the US, China is the world’s largest investor in defense spending in the world. Although the outbreak of Wuhan has become a pestilence that has devastated the health and economy of many countries around the world, it is not reflected in China’s 2020 defense budget.

China made $ 179 billion this year, up from $ 177.6 billion last year. China has more than three times India’s defense budget. This year, China’s defense budget has been low, with only minimal increases over the past year. The decline in the allocation of defense budget is partly due to the impact of the Kovid pestilence on the country’s economy. The details of the budget were released on Friday in the Parliament of the National People’s Congress (NPC).

However, China’s defense spending has been criticized for being too secretive and spending more on fireworks and defense research than China estimates. But the counter-question that Chinese representatives regularly ask those who criticize China’s spending is on the US defense budget. The US spends more than four times the budget of China’s budget and is the world’s most expensive country.

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