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Hong Kong: China plans to implement a new national security law in Hong Kong, which was rocked by riots by democrats last year. The US has warned that if China attempts to impose further restrictions on Hong Kong, there will be serious setbacks. Despite this, the Chinese move.

Protests began again in Hong Kong shortly after China’s move. The biggest uprising since the British relinquished the territory to China in 1997 took place in 2019. People in Hong Kong, an autonomous region, enjoy special rights that are not available anywhere in China. Whenever China sought to increase its control over the region, there were also protests.

Meanwhile, speaker of the National Assembly of the Chinese Legislative Assembly, Zhang Ysui, said the details of the new law will be clarified today. He said the National People’s Congress would meet on Friday.

He said that under the current circumstances, the National People’s Congress would exercise its legislative powers.

US President Donald Trump has warned that China’s move is unclear but will respond appropriately. The US introduced a law to protect Hong Kong’s autonomy. The US has warned of this.

Content Highlights: China Set to Impose New Hong Kong Security Law, Strong US Reaction to Trump Warns

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