China not to end the provocation in Ladakh: India


India sending more troops to China India’s military deployment is 500 meters from the Chinese base. In Ladakh alone, China has crossed the border 130 times in the past four months.

China’s provocation on Ladakh’s borders comes after it was declared a union territory. China has crossed the border with Ladakh 130 times in the past four months. Chinese troops have built tents in the Indian border, over two kilometers from the border. China is slowly moving towards the Indian side of the border.

The army has deployed around 800 to 1,000 troops. Helicopter surveillance was also strengthened. With this, India deployed the same number of troops by 500 meters. The Chinese provocation in the Pangong region in the first week of May has now spread to the Galvan basin in Ladakh. The Chinese military has been trying to bolster its claims, despite five military unit chiefs holding talks.

This complicates the situation. On Friday, Army Chief General MM Naravan reached Ladakh. Chinese incursions into the West are expected to increase after 2015. The number of border violations has increased by 75 per cent since 2015. Military sources say that, despite the military presence on the border, it must be resolved on a political and tactical level.

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