China issue is resolved diplomatically; No response to Trump’s statement – Shah


New Delhi: Home Minister Amit Shah today said diplomatic and military talks were underway to resolve the border dispute with China. “India does not need the intervention of any other country,” he said.

Amit Shah said this in an interview with India Today. Shah’s response to Trump’s statement that he could mediate in the Indo-China dispute was: I don’t care to comment on what the US president said. However, under Prime Minister Modi’s direction, I want to assure everyone that our international borders are safe. ”

The Narendra Modi government is committed to the security of the country’s borders. No harm is allowed there. I assure you that no one will be allowed to violate our security and sovereignty. Shah added that India does not want the intervention of any other country to resolve the disputes.

Content Highlights: Trump’s Statements on Absolute Diplomatically-No Comments on the China Issue

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