China claims success of Covid vaccine vaccine Final Examination Soon | COVID vaccine


China claims success of first phase of vaccine vaccine China said it could test the human immune system by testing and a final test of the vaccine would be conducted soon.

The results of the research were jointly conducted by several researchers in different labs in China. The first phase of the vaccine was administered to 108 people aged between 18 and 60. China says everybody who has been vaccinated has increased immunity.

The vaccine researchers claim that the T cell, the immune cell, developed in 108 people within two weeks, and that 28 days later the antibody for the immune system was formed.

Earlier there were reports that countries like the US and Israel had developed the Covid vaccine. But the World Health Organization refused to approve it. US drug maker Modena also announced on Tuesday that the first phase of drug testing was successful. China also claimed that the vaccine was successful.

content highlights: Chinese COVID vaccine shows promising result

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