China, celebrating its achievements in fighting the virus


BEIJING (AP) – A day without new cases in China comes soon after Communist Party leaders celebrated the great achievements of the virus fight. No new cases were reported in China on Saturday. This is the first time China has started reporting cases in January.

The virus first appeared at the end of last year in Wuhan, central China. But by mid-February, cases had dropped dramatically. The country then brought the virus under control.

In a nation of 140 million people, the death rate is officially 4634. This is much lower than the death toll in very small countries. China has raised doubts about the credibility of the death toll. It also raises the question of how much information China has shared with the international community.

This achievement comes just one day after China’s National People’s Congress was launched. Prime Minister Lee Keqiang said the country had made strategic gains in the Kovid defense. However, he warned that the country was still facing heavy challenges.

Content Highlights: China reports first time for no new Covid-19 cases

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