China called “trampling on international law” US lawsuits over COVID-19


Beijing. “Claims concerning the investigation and compensation of damages, as well as the falsification of so-called evidence of litigation, constitute a violation of international law and a denial of human conscience. This has nothing to do with reality, is not common sense and has no legal basis,” he said. Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi In addition, the diplomat added, this is a “public violation of international law,” the newspaper quoted him as saying. Rossiyskaya Gazeta

According to him, today’s China is not what it was a century ago. If anyone thinks that through lawsuits he can undermine China’s sovereignty and dignity and take away from the Chinese what they have earned through hard work, then I am afraid that this is a “dream” and for them it will become a shame, “said the head of Chinese diplomacy.

It is about the intention of a number of countries to file lawsuits against China, which, according to the plaintiffs, hid information about the coronavirus at the end of last year – the beginning of this year. In particular, the state of Missouri in the United States filed a lawsuit on April 21 with such a charge in the federal court of the Eastern District of Missouri. The state of Mississippi has announced its intention to file a similar lawsuit. U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo also said China’s contribution to the fight against the spread of coronavirus should be more than $ 9 trillion, while Beijing is allocating only $ 2 billion for it.

The Chinese Foreign Minister suggested that the United States not waste time on disagreements, but to cooperate in the fight against the pandemic. “We call on the United States to stop wasting valuable time. China and the United States must work together on a number of urgent issues. First, we can share experiences and adopt best practices to strengthen our fight against COVID-19. We must do this. which the world expects of us, “he said.

Translation and editing: Julian Markov

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