China and the United States are on the brink of a new Cold War


China and the United States are on the brink of a new Cold War, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi warned today, expressing regret at the resumption of tensions with Washington over the Kovid-19 pandemic, AFP and TASS reported.

“We have noticed that some political forces in the United States are hostile to China-US relations and are pushing our two countries to the brink of the Cold War,” Wang Yi told a news conference during the annual session of the Chinese parliament. an attempt to change the will of history, which could destroy the results of decades of cooperation between China and the United States, shorten the prospects for the development of the United States itself, and jeopardize the stability and prosperity of the world.

“China has no intention of changing or replacing the United States. It is time for the United States to abandon its intentions to change China and stop putting obstacles in the way of 1.4 billion people to modernize.“, added the Chinese Foreign Minister.

Wang Yi assured that the Chinese government supports an international and impartial investigation into the circumstances surrounding the origin of the new coronavirus and the causes of the pandemic, based on a scientific approach and the World Health Organization.

Wang Yi: China has no intention of changing or replacing the United States. It is time for the United States to give up its intention to change China

The minister also pointed out that American politicians were spreading “lies” and “conspiracy theories” about Beijing’s role in the Kovid-19 pandemic, DPA reported. “Unfortunately, as the coronavirus continues to spread, the political virus is also spreading in the United States and seizing every opportunity for attacks and slander against China,” Wang Yi added.

Is there a chance for Washington and Beijing to reconcile?

The Chinese minister also said China and the United States would benefit from cooperation and would lose from confrontation. The diplomat added that the two sides must find a way to coexist peacefully.

At the press conference Wang noted that China and the United States must begin to coordinate macro-policies for their economies and the world economy. He said the United States must stop wasting valuable time.

China remains ready to work with the United States in a spirit of cooperation and mutual respect, the diplomat said.

China is ready to “strengthen bilateral cooperation in the format of the UN, the BRICS, the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, and the G20, in preparation for future changes (in the post-pandemic world),” Wang said.

What Beijing has in mind for Hong Kong

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said that Hong Kong’s new national security law, which is being discussed in the Chinese parliament, affects a narrow category of actions and will not affect the rights and freedoms in the semi-autonomous territory, nor will it harm the interests of foreign companies.

At the press conference, Wang Yi also said that the law should be implemented “without any delay.”

The minister justified resorting to the law with anti-government demonstrations that rocked Hong Kong last year.

“Violence and terrorism continue to escalate, and foreign forces are deeply and illegally interfering in Hong Kong’s affairs,” Wang Yi said.

Meanwhile, Hong Kong police used tear gas to disperse an anti-government demonstration. Several hundred people dressed in black gathered in the Causeway Bay shopping district for an unsanctioned demonstration.

The new bill was on the agenda of China’s annual session, which opened in Beijing on Friday. It is expected to be adopted by the Chinese authorities without the consent of Hong Kong lawmakers.

The bill stipulates that Chinese authorities may, if necessary, set up Chinese offices in Hong Kong to deal with future anti-government demonstrations, “secessionist and subversive activities,” as well as “terrorism” and interference by “foreign forces.”

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