“Chaos within 50Plus complete! The offending chairman Geert Dales is also resigning immediately! “- The Daily Standard


The soap within 50Plus continues. The offending chairman Geert Dales will step down immediately. Actually, Dales would stay until August 1 when a new board was formed, but he has decided to turn his back on the party already.

Dales announced his approaching departure a month ago. Flooded power games within the party brought 50Plus into a deep crisis. The popular party leader Henk Krol resigned after all the hassle within the party and started a new party together with his party colleague Femke Merel van Kooten: The Party for the Future.

According to reports, Dales is now leaving because the “new rulers” within 50Plus were no longer aligned with each other. Whether Dales is considering a switch to Krol’s new party, The Party for the Future, is not yet clear, but certainly not excluded. It is known that Dales and Krol got along well.

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