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Aviation Minister Hardeep Singh Puri has hinted that the international air service could begin next month. “We are planning to start international services before August,” the minister said. Domestic flights will start Monday, he said. Domestic services to start from 35 cities The Minister of Aviation has corrected the stand that Health Seth WhatsApp is not mandatory in air travel. The Center rejected the opposition’s proposal to start domestic services only with the consent of the states.

The center was to be opened by August-September. In an online conversation with the public, Hardeep Singh Puri said there was no need to wait too long for the situation to improve. Why wait until August-September. If the situation improves, the service will start in mid or late June.

The former stance was that the Health Service App would not be mandatory. However, the minister corrected his stand on the issue related to the Quarantine. The minister said that if there is a red signal in the health service, it will not be allowed to fly. In response to the stand of six states, including Kerala, the minister reiterated that those who show the green signal need not be under surveillance. The Home Ministry had insisted that the airline needs health services. The first step was to avoid travel by senior citizens.

Hardeep Singh Puri later said he would travel if he was not sick. At the same time the opposition opposed the introduction of internal services on Monday, rejecting the states’ proposal. Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu opposed. But the Center is of the view that some states cannot be excluded.

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