Canada vs. USA: A diver pierces the heart of a bald eagle


As in international affairs, nature has its order. In the race for survival between the bald eagle, the national symbol of the United States and the common diver, which is depicted on the Canadian dollar, few people would bet on the last to emerge victorious, writes the BBC

But sometimes the weaker one turns out to be on topas revealed when an eagle was found dead in the water near a dead little diver in Lake Maine.

Examination reveals that it is killed by a stab wound to the heart by a diver’s beak. Diving chicks are common prey for eagles, which are fearsome hunters.

Griffon eagles are protected in the United States and their remains are usually sent directly to the National Eagle Repository in Colorado.

It is a crime in the United States to kill an eagle, to possess an eagle or to disturb its remains, with special exceptions, such as at Indian ceremonies.

But after they saw dead little diver so close to the dead eagle, scientists are beginning to wonder whether an eagle could have been killed by an angry mother diver in David’s bird equivalent against Goliath.

They sent the eagle not to the eagle store, but to the National Wildlife Health Center in Madison, Wisconsin, where he may be examined by a specialist diver.

There a pathologist found that the eagle died of a rapid stab in the heart from what it seemed to be eagle beak, a the little diver has traces of eagle clawswhich indicates that it has been caught by an eagle.

Biologist Daniel D’Auria, who works for the Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife in Maine, shared the news on the department’s blog, noting that this is the first confirmed case of a diver killing an eagle.

Who would have thought that a diver would have any chance against such a powerful predator“, she commented.

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