Can Grisha Ganchev’s CSKA file a lawsuit against CSKA 1948 for the abbreviation “CSKA”


Yesterday, the general manager of CSKA Stoycho Stoilov announced that the Reds have taken measures against CSKA 1948 regarding the abbreviation and emblem of the bankrupt CSKA. According to Stoilov, the new member of the efbet League has no right to use them and for this reason a lawsuit will be filed.

However, the law is clear that specifically for the abbreviation “CSKA” CSKA has no chance to win a lawsuit. The reason is very simple – CSKA went bankrupt and neither Grisha Ganchev’s CSKA nor CSKA 1948 can legally claim to be CSKA.

Stoycho Stoilov: CSKA-Sofia will sue CSKA 1948!

Moreover, the trustee in bankruptcy of the bankrupt company Dora Mileva has every reason to file a lawsuit against the two clubs for using the abbreviation “CSKA” and it is possible to even win it. A curious detail is that this can happen against any media that writes CSKA or CSKA 1948 CSKA, and gives them the titles and cups of the bankrupt club, because it does not correspond to the legal truth.

Regarding the case with the emblem, things are a bit more complicated, as Red Enemies paid BGN 8 million for the assets of the bankrupt company. This allows them to use the emblem of CSKA. Ie in a lawsuit, CSKA can claim that CSKA 1948 uses a similar symbol, and if the court deems that this is the case, the rookie in the elite will have to change it.

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