Camilla Cabeillo speaks openly about her mental problems


The singer is struggling with obsessive-compulsive disorder

She is 23, but fame catches up with her much earlier. Like many of her colleagues, as a teenager she began making music and encountered the star machine, which can sometimes be very cruel. Today Camilla Cabeillo she continues to speak with a microphone in her hand, but admits that she has mental health problems, some of which she developed due to the stress she was subjected to.

On the occasion of World Mental Health Awareness Month, the singer wrote her message to WSJ readers. Magazine. In front of the publication, she speaks openly about the obsessive-compulsive disorder, which she gets and everything she goes through so that she can get back on her feet and sing in front of an audience.

Camilla says that many people judge her by her posts on social networks, but her life is quite different from what they see on Facebook and Instagram. According to her, her glossy photos hid her heavy and sometimes painful everyday life.

“That’s why I don’t have pictures from last year: I was crying in the car, talking to my mother about how anxious I was and what symptoms of obsessive-compulsive disorder I was experiencing,” Cabejo wrote.

The young singer also shared that at times she felt quite desperate, but her mother was by her side and started reading specialized literature to help her.

Like many people with mental illness, Cabejo says she was initially ashamed of the diagnosis and did not want to share it. She was mostly worried about being a public figure and her fans might think she was crazy.

“I didn’t want the people who thought I was strong, capable and confident – the people who believed in me the most – to know that I felt weak,” explains Camilla.

“The tiny voice in my head told me that if I was honest about my mental health and my internal battles, people would think something was wrong, that I wasn’t strong or that I couldn’t handle it,” the singer’s emotional confession continued.

Headaches, insomnia, difficulty breathing and the feeling as if someone has grabbed you by the throat are the main problems that Camilla Cabejo encounters while being treated. She also revealed that she often behaved strangely and had obsessive thoughts, but after she started treatment, they gradually disappeared.

Speaking of her mental problems, the young singer wants to help people who are going through the same thing as her. According to her, meditation, cognitive behavioral therapy and breathing exercises are the things that helped her feel better.

Cabejo is adamant that she is already a friend with anxiety and will no longer allow her to take away her happiness, joy and inspiration for new music. “I listen to her because I know she’s just trying to protect me, but I don’t pay much attention to her,” she concludes.

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