Businesses are pressuring Trump to drop visas for qualified personnel


Photo by Reuters

A number of business groups have called on US President Donald Trump as he considers restricting temporary work visas. They warn of negative economic consequences if it blocks the influx of foreign skilled workers to the United States, Reuters reported, quoted by BTA.

More than 300 American companies, business associations and groups in the field of higher education, which hire qualified personnel, sent a letter to Trump on Thursday. It argued that reducing access for these workers, even for a short period, would lead to “unintended consequences” and cause “significant economic uncertainty”.

Google, Facebook and Microsoft are among the companies that are urging Trump to leave H-1B (Latin letters), student visas and other specialized visas unchanged. Part of the initiative is the American Chamber of Commerce – the largest business association in the United States.

The White House has not yet commented, according to Reuters.

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