Bundesliga Match Result: 5 goals for Bayern Munich in the Bundesliga; Wolfsburg player scoring 3 goals but not in a hat trick !! – bayern munich sit four points clear of borussia dortmund again after an entertaining 5-2 win over eintracht frankfurt



  • Jaden Sancho played for Borussia Dotmund
  • The Wolfsburg defender scored three goals and had no hat-trick
  • Thomas Mueller ran his 17th assist on the season

Bayern Munich in German Bundes League At home, Bayern beat Frankfurt 5-2. Borussia Dotmund, Werder Bremen and Leverkusen won the Away match. Hoffenheim drew a draw at Paderborn.

Bundes liga result….

Mചnchengladbach 1-3 Leverkusen
Paderborn 1-1 Hoffenheim
Freiburg 0-1 Werder Bremen
Wolfsburg 0-2 Borussia Dotmund
Bayern Munich 5-2 Frankfurt

League Point Table …… (Team, Match, Point)

Bayern Munich 27 61
Dotmund 27 57
Leverkusen 27 53
Monchengladbach 27 52
Leipzig 26 51
Wolfsburg 27 39
Freiburg 27 37
Schalke 27 37
Hoffenheim 27 36
Hertha Berlin 27 34

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Anchadichi Bayern Munich …

Bayern scored two goals in the first half on home soil. Goreska took the lead in the beautiful team game in the 17th minute. Thomas Mueller (41), Robert Lewandowski (46) and Davis (61) scored for Bayern. It was a goal selfie. In the seventh-fourth minute, Hintergger hit the ball into his own net.

For one, it’s a trick …

Frankfurt defender Martin Hingegger won the hat-trick! Hinreger scored his third goal in 52,55 minutes for Frankfurt. The defender had a mistake in the seventeenth minute. This is the first time Hinreger has scored three goals in a game!

Muler jumps on goal …

Thomas Mueller played in 232 Bundesliga appearances for Bayern Munich with 117 goals and 116 assists. Mueller reached new heights when he assisted G ഗോresk in the 17th minute against Frankfurt. Mueller, who finished with 17 assists in 27 games this season, holds the record for former Bundesliga player Kevin De Bruyne in 27 games. The Belgium midfielder scored 21 assists and 10 goals for Wolfsburg in 2014-15. With four assists, Mueller could set the season record

Felix gets a red card

Wolfsburg finished the match against Borussia Dotmund with 10 men. The red card was found in the war test by Felix Klaus dotmund’s manual tackling in the 80th minute. Guerrero and Hakimi scored for Dotmund. Guerrero’s eighth goal in 22 games.

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