Bulgarian fighter jets were raised because of Russian bombers over the Black Sea


There is nothing extraordinary that Bulgarian fighter jets were raised because of Russian bombers over the Black Sea, said Chief of Defense Admiral Emil Eftimov.

NATO Air Force Command said earlier that planes from Romania, Bulgaria and Turkey were in the air due to Russian activity near the Alliance’s airspace.

Admiral Emil Eftimov said this was not the first time such a situation had arisen.

“In carrying out the Air Policing mission, I think we are used to this new normality,” he told parliament’s defense committee.

Russia’s defense ministry said two bombers had flown a planned flight on May 19 over neutral Black Sea waters.

Periodically, Bulgarian fighters take off as a matter of urgency due to aircraft without a flight plan, without radio communication and with the transponder switched off to the Bulgarian airspace. According to the Air Force, they are all alleged property of the Russian Federation.

Deputy Defense Minister Atanas Zapryanov announced that for now there is no delay in the delivery of the new F-16 Block fighters, which Bulgaria bought from the United States and Lockheed Martin for over BGN 2 billion.

“If this is a pandemic at this stage, the corporation has not yet affected its production activities to the point of re-planning. All subcontracts are concluded on time. So at this stage, if the pandemic is managed the way it is already managed, and there is no second wave, for now we are confident that the deadlines will be met “, he said.

According to the plan, the first machines should come in 2023, and the last two in 2024.

The Defense Commission also approved the report on the state of the armed forces in 2029.

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