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“I had 18 patients on my last shift. One of them was young and looked fully recovered. He had no breathing problems, his tests were negative all week. I was about to be discharged when he suddenly had a fever and shook. It turned out that in fact it’s not cured or the virus is recurring. We can’t understand. ”

This is what a Bulgarian doctor, who requested anonymity, who works in Philadelphia, told Deutsche Welle.

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Dr. B. specializes in pediatric cardiology, internal medicine and palliative medicine. At the hospital in Philadelphia, where he works, there was no big peak like the one in New York. Because, says the doctor, New York was the “experienced bunny” who taught lessons about the mistakes in the treatment of COVID-19.

“It would be a comedy if it wasn’t a tragedy”

“Many colleagues in New York made a mistake in the beginning, intubating patients only because their saturation is 80%. Then they could not disconnect them from the device for weeks, which ruined the health system there. Yes, laboratory parameters are important, but every patient should If you start breathing 40 times a minute as a newborn and you don’t watch, you may get tired of breathing and stop.

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That is why we are constantly by their side. We treat people, not X-rays and laboratory indicators, “explains the doctor. He adds:” One of the most important knowledge during the fight against the virus is the knowledge of ourselves – how disorganized we are as a country and how deep the contradictions are between us. . Especially with the people inside the country, who were against the closure of the country and fanatically believe that there is no need for precautionary measures. But the most fanatical faith is the faith of those with the most limited knowledge. ”

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Dr. B. also spares no criticism of President Donald Trump. “He has played a key role in the country’s divisions by encouraging people to protest, but only in states where governors are Democrats. Recently, Trump and his anti-virus headquarters came up with specific criteria for which states could drop restrictions. So far, these criteria have not been met by Minnesota, Michigan and Georgia.

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Just hours later, Trump wrote to his Twitter followers, “Liberate Michigan, liberate Minnesota,” which are states with Democratic governors. But he didn’t say the same about Georgia, where the governor is a Republican. Protests broke out in those two states, and the worst happened when gunmen appeared in front of the Senate in Michigan, wanting to free the state from the Democratic governor. Absolutely abnormal work. These people are called Republicans, but I deeply doubt they have anything to do with Republican values. Not to mention that statement about disinfectants. The emergency room phones were overheated by calls from people drinking or asking if they should drink disinfectants. It would be a comedy if it wasn’t a tragedy. And it was even more brazen when Trump went unmasked to hospitals and respirator factories. And most demonstratively announced that he was tested twice a day and therefore would not infect others. That was a horribly ugly example. People are in great need of tests, in our hospital we are not tested at all because we do not have enough tests. There is no such person as Trump. It is without any mercy. Without compassion. No sympathy for people. ”

“There is a high probability of a second wave in the fall”

Dr. B. also recounts this moment: “The moment scientists realized that they could not expect support from the government, they began to rely on themselves. So suddenly new opportunities opened up. The production of simplified, cheap respirators that cost 20 times less than others. In the critical moments, this proved to be crucial. ”

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Dr. B. is aware that the economy must work again, but this, in his opinion, must be done very cautiously. We will have to stick to the lessons we have learned so far – to keep our distance, to walk in masks. Only in this way can we “buy” time to find a medicine or a vaccine. Moreover, there is a high probability of a second wave of the virus in the fall, “warns the doctor.

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