Bulgaria handled the K-19 best, only there were no abuses


Abuse, misappropriation and corruption in health systems around the world have worsened the medical care of KOVID-19 patients and have contributed to the deaths of many of them in one third of the countries, according to a NEMEXIS study conducted in April, Monitor bg writes.

Deaths of patients with KOVID-19 as a result of irregularities occurred in 33% of countries, and in Europe only in Italy, Spain, France and England, not in Bulgaria.

NEMEXIS is an international anti-corruption and health abuse organization with headquarters in Berlin and a branch in Washington. She points out in her report that in half of the 58 countries surveyed, there have been strong statements by whistleblowers who have been affected to varying degrees by their revelations.

The study covers 76% of the world’s population. It contains data on 39 countries in Europe, including Bulgaria (excluding the Scandinavian, Baltic, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary, Belarus and Ukraine).

“This is the world’s first large-scale study on health abuse, corruption and waste in a time when humanity is struggling with KOVID-19,” wrote Dr. Paul Milata of the NEMEXIS board, which co-authored the report.

“It covers 76% of the world’s population. The assessment and scaling of the studied problems requires special knowledge, so it is based on data from 512 experts in the security services and local organizations.They have reliable first-hand information and NEMEXIS has worked with them before. Our results urge the authorities to conduct a full investigation. ”

Pressure and repression against the people who first raised concern about the virus took place in a quarter of the countries.

Given the crucial importance of early detection of the infection, this pressure is the most obvious sign of the presence in the health system of something rotten – fraud and abuse related to KOVID-19, at the beginning of the pandemic, says NEMEXIS.

“Once KOVID-19 provokes whistleblowers in half of the countries, and in a quarter of them they are repressed, it is obviously high time for governments to introduce norms for their protection.

Clogging of their mouths leads to a loss of focus in efforts to help patients with KOVID-19. We cannot afford to let even one person die of the contagion because of the voice of the whistleblowers.

According to the report, the most widespread are frauds and abuses of personal protective equipment and clothing – they are present in 81% of the countries, and in 62% there is a black market for them. The second largest are the misappropriation of funds intended to combat the infection – they are in 58% of the surveyed countries.

The study followed the medical care for patients with KOVID-19 between April 4 and 22.

This is the period of the most severe measures and the most severe economic and political consequences of them.

It was then that health irregularities caused the greatest damage.

There were 7 types of irregularities: fraud with tests, personal protective equipment and breathing apparatus; black market; fake equipment; cyberattacks against the health system; misappropriation of money; bribes for medics.

Each of the 7 irregularities has led to whistleblowers, strikes and casualties. The report specifically points out that in the United States and all seven, the problem has stood out most clearly compared to the rest of the world, especially with regard to safeguards and penalties for bold statements by officials.

In 80% of countries, fraud and corruption in health systems against the background of the epidemic are assessed as “very large” (59%) or “large” (21%).

Bulgaria is among the countries where there have been misappropriations of tests and personal protective equipment, but not of medical equipment. There was no black market for them in our country, nor were any fakes pushed.

Taking bribes from officials and medics is registered in 14 countries, including the United States, France and Italy, but not Bulgaria.

Strikes (refusals of doctors and nurses to go to work due to irregularities) have occurred in 46% of countries, including Bulgaria, along with Serbia, England, France, Italy, Turkey and Poland.

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