Budget rhythm of ‘goat life’ escapes lockdown; Next schedule in Namibia


One of the most talked about social media and news in the aftermath of the coronavirus outbreak was the shooting team of ‘Goat Life’ that was trapped in Jordan following a lockdown. The 58-member delegation comprising of actor Prithviraj and director Blessy has returned home from the film. They arrived at Kochi Nedumbassery airport. The actors and other filmmakers of ‘Adu Life’ have been staying in Quarantine for 14 days as directed by the government.

Director Blessy responded by saying that the shooting cost twice as much as it would have cost in the country. He also said the budget’s rhythm has escalated as the lockdown went down. He said the lockdown in the Vadiram Desert in Jordan has taught him a lot of lessons. The set had all the worries of going through a never-ending situation. Blessy told Manorama that her next life schedule was in Namibia.

Prithviraj drove himself to the observatory prepared by a hotel in Fort Kochi after a health check. Blessy will be in the Quarantine at his home in Thiruvalla.

‘Aadu Jeevitham’ is a popular novel by Benjamin. Blessy is directing the film with AR Rahman as the music director. KU Mohanan is shooting the schedule with the exception of Vadiram. The heroine is Amala Paul. Prithviraj’s life is also described as the movie which was shot during the Kovid era. It also shot the Malayalam film Djibouti. The film was shot in an African country called Djibouti.

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