Budget and Technology to Shock Malayalam Cinema Omar Lulu talks about VA Sreekumar


VA Sreekumar will direct Mohanlal in the script of MT Vasudevan Nair. Five years after the deal was signed, MT approached the court demanding the return of the script. Sreekumar reached the Supreme Court seeking mediation in the matter and obtained a favorable order. On the 60th birthday of Mohanlal, Sreekumar wished him good luck by saying ‘my giant’. But below that post, many Mohanlal fans have come up with negative comments. But another director has shared his hopes for the project. Omar Lulu shared his hopes on VA Sreekumar’s ‘IIZOOZU’ via Facebook.

“VA Sreekumarattan is making Lalatan’s big budget with technology and creativity. Unbelievable magic, so give him confidence and make it a good movie, ”Omar Lulu wrote on Facebook.

The petition was filed in the Munsif court in Kozhikode after five years after the signing of the agreement. Subsequently, VA Sreekumar approached the Kozhikode district fast track court seeking a mediation. The fast track court dismissed the case and later approached the High Court. The director approached the apex court with the same request.

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