Bruno Piveti: For the budget of Ludogorets it was important for the team to be first in Bulgaria


Bruno Pivetti shared details about his period in Bulgaria. The former assistant coach of Ludogorets gave an interview to the Brazilian website

“Ludogorets became the champion of Bulgaria for the eighth consecutive year. The ninth title is already very close this season. It is the best team in structural terms in Bulgaria. It is not surprising that it often plays against the biggest in the Champions League and League. Europe.

When I received the invitation to join the club, I studied the numbers very seriously in the last seasons of the team and I had the wrong feeling that the internal competition in the championship is very weak.


But the challenge was justified. I was given the opportunity to try from the highest level of European football.

Working every day in Ludogorets, I realized that the budget is directly related to the money coming from UEFA for participation in European tournaments and this is proportional to the team’s performance in the domestic championship.

Svetoslav Dyakov: I hope Ludogorets will improve CSKA's records

Svetoslav Dyakov: I hope Ludogorets will improve CSKA’s records

“The first two titles were the hardest”

So, for the club’s budget, there was no alternative but to strive to be first every year. Every year it becomes more and more difficult to win the title and this requires the team to perform even better with each passing year. Everyone wants to break the hegemony of Ludogroets.

I believe that with the hegemony of Ludogorets in the Bulgarian championship, some legacy will be left for the country, “Piveti said.

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In 1995, under his leadership, the team won the second-ever Brazilian championship.

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