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The British Competition and Markets Authority has announced that it will investigate fake reviews published online. The market watchdog wants to see whether consumers may have been misled when purchasing products.

The CMA has explained on its website what the investigation will look like. A number of large online stores are investigating how they detect and remove fake reviews. Incidentally, they were not told which web shops are involved, and the market watchdog also wants to emphasize that it has no indications that there are web shops that engage in illegal activities in the field of customer reviews.

During the investigation, the CMA will look at suspicious users, such as those who have reviewed a wide variety of products. It also looks at whether stores may have linked positive reviews to the wrong products, and the CMA wants to know how customers are paid to write a review.

The aim is to see if webshops are doing enough to tackle fake reviews. If the CMA is of the opinion that they are doing too little, then penalties such as fines can be handed out. The British market watchdog also says that Facebook, with its subsidiary Instagram, and Ebay have promised to tackle fake reviews.

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