Breda fears invasion of Belgians when catering industry opens: ‘Stay home for another week!’


The catering industry in Breda fears a large influx of Belgians when the cafes and restaurants open again on Monday. The border has been open again since Saturday and the catering industry in Belgium is still closed. “Belgian friends, please wait a little longer,” says Johan de Vos on behalf of the Breda catering industry.

Breda is a popular city with Belgians for shopping, grabbing a terrace or going out. Now that the border is open, they expect quite a few Flemings in Breda to reopen. Johan de Vos of the Breda department of Koninklijke Horeca Nederland is not so happy with that.

“It may sound silly to say that things are going Belgian again,” he says. “But of course it is irresponsible and not smart to open the borders an evening in advance without contacting your neighboring countries. Monday is an exciting day for us, because we already have 185,000 people from Breda who we would like to give a place on their favorite terrace, while we also have to reduce the number of patio chairs. “

Tricky story
“As a catering industry, we have done everything to be ready,” continues De Vos. “But it is for the city of Breda. If we now also get a part of Belgium, it will be a difficult story and I expect some problems.”

With the possible arrival of many Belgians, it could just be too busy in the center of Breda. “I hope that the Belgians use their common sense by waiting a little longer to come to Breda,” continues De Vos. “I really hope that this message lands in Belgium. We are a hospitable city, but we ask our Belgian friends to please wait a week. Let us find out in the Netherlands how everything works and then they will be next weekend very welcome. “

It is still unclear whether or not Belgians are allowed to travel to the Netherlands. Whether that is only for family visits or whether free movement is allowed. Many border checkpoints have now been abandoned. There it is therefore possible to cross the border without any problems.

In the video you can see how the terraces are being prepared for reopening:

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