Breda catering industry cannot test run for reopening on Monday Inland


Food and beverage outlets may open again from noon on Whit Monday under certain conditions. But it is still quite a puzzle for innkeepers and gerants to receive and serve their guests according to the rules, they fear. The catering industry in Breda asked to be allowed to test run for a day to ‘avoid chaos’ and was supported by the city council.

However, the Ministry of Justice and Security sees no room for this and will let Breda know.

Mayor Paul Depla of Breda reacts disappointed: “It is difficult to understand that there is no ‘go’ from The Hague on this trial day for the catering industry in Breda. In view of the experiences on Ascension Day, it would be very sensible to run a dress rehearsal before the opening of the catering industry on 1 June. Chances are that there will be teething troubles on June 1, causing problems. We could have identified it on the test day and shared it with the rest of the Netherlands. ”

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