Brazil overtakes Russia More than 20,000 new Covid patients, 1,000 deaths in 24 hours | Covid confirmed cases in Brazil Surpasses Russia


Washington / Brasilia: Worldwide, the number of confirmed Covidians has reached 53 lakh. 3.39 lakh people have died due to Kovid. More than 21.58 lakh people were discharged. About 28.02 lakh people are currently sick. Of these, 44,583 persons remain in critical condition. 27.58 lakh people show only minor symptoms.

More than 5,000 people died worldwide on Friday alone. More than 100,000 new cases were reported. In the United States, 1293 people died on Friday. Brazil recorded the highest death toll since Friday. 966 people. Spain suffered 688 deaths the day before.

The number of patients in the US, the country with the largest number of CVD, is on the rise. Kovid has been confirmed by 16.45 million people in the US. The death toll rose to 97,647. Only 24,197 people were diagnosed with the disease in the US yesterday.

Brazil is the country with the most Covid casualties after the US. In Brazil, 3.31 lakh cases were confirmed. The number of confirmed cases in Russia is 3.31 lakh. The death rate in Russia is very low compared to the top ten countries with the most Covid casualties. 3249 people were killed in Russia

The World Health Organization (WHO) fears that a second outbreak of the virus is likely to occur as the world states begin to unravel lockdown controls. Some countries have already contracted the virus.

Countries, cases, and deaths in order

US $ 16.45 lakh 97,647

Brazil 3.30 lakh 21,048

Russia 3.26 Lakh 3,249

Spain 2.81 lakh 28,628

UK 2.54 Lakh 36,393

Italy 2.29 lakh 32,616

France 1.82 lakh 28,289

Germany 1.79 Lakh 8352

Turkey 1.54 Lakh 4,276

Iran 1.32 lakh 7,300

India 1.25 lakh 3,726

Peru 1.12 lakh 3244

China 82,971 4,634

content highlights: Covid confirmed cases in Brazil Surpasses Russia, Brazil after US second highest number

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