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The spread of coronavirus in Sao Paulo ∙ Brazil is out of control. Brazil ranks second after the US in its list of countries with a total of 3.39 lakh cases.

With more than 1,000 deaths in a single day, many states are considering restoring regulations. The disease is also spreading in other parts of Latin America.

Officially the death toll is 21,000, but it is more than that. Meanwhile, the first day of unreporting new cases of covariates in China, the epicenter of the disease, has passed.

International media headlines have claimed that the Brazilian coronavirus epidemic was a setback for extreme right-wing President Jair Bolzonaro. It’s just a little fever. You are not going to die because of Kovid.

Covid defenses closed by shops and establishments do more harm than good. I say that people should go to work without being locked up in their house – a statement made by Bolzonaro on the streets of Rio de Janeiro.


Michelle Bolzonaro, wife of Jair Bolzonaro

The Brazilian people are protesting on the street, calling President Jair Bolzonaro, a far-right far more dangerous than the Corona virus.

It is the same situation in the state, where the governors of the state have tightened their waist and waist as the US President Donald Trump stepped up his campaign to end the lockdown.

NEW DELHI: News agencies have released images of a group of coffins buried in a cemetery near the Amazon rainforest. Lack of ICs and ventilators in hospitals An international media outlet has criticized Bolsonaro for saying that the sociopath, who does not understand the sentiments of the people, is ruled by the country.

The Brazilian political crisis has also erupted as 24 of the 27 Brazilian governors have publicly declared their disobedience to the president.

The situation in countries

Peru The national lockdown has been extended to the end of June with the number of patients crossing 1.11 lakh.

Mexico ∙ Record daily fatalities (479). 2,960 new cases.

Argentina ∙ 10,649 cases in a single day. The highest daily rate after the outbreak. 433 death in a single day.

United States After a lockdown of more than two months, there was huge crowding in the cities. With the weekend away, vehicle traffic has tripled.

Germany ∙ 638 cases in a single day. Seven people get sick from a restaurant. With the resumption of worship, Kovid is rumored to be spreading in any church in Frankfurt.

Russia ∙ 9,434 new cases and 139 deaths in a single day.

United Kingdom Pressure from opposition parties to oust Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s adviser Dominic Cummings for violating the lockdown proposal. Controversy over the visit of family home about 400 km away. Dominic Cummings’ wife has a conidial symptom.

Singapore ∙ 642 new cases. The total number of cases crossed 31,000

Malaysia ∙ Disease spreads in immigrant detention camps.

Indonesia ∙ 949 new case, 25 deaths.

Jerusalem ∙ 2 months later Christ’s Curry Shop opens. Only 50 people can be admitted at a time.

France Permission to worship in the mosque after 2 months, Mask mandatory

United States President Donald Trump’s proposal for governors to open shrines 84 people die in New York Death toll goes down to 100 in a very long time.

English Summary: Brazil overtakes Russia to become the No. 2 virus cases in the world

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