Brazil as the center of Covid; 20,000 patients a day | COVID-19


Brazil became the epicenter of the Kovid outbreak, with 1179 deaths on Tuesday alone. 20,000 new patients in 24 hours. The use of the anti-malarial drug hydroxy chloroquine Covid has become widespread. With hospitals overflowing, no new patients are being admitted.

42 424 deaths in one day in Mexico 2248 new patients.

ആക The total number of patients in Peru has passed 1 lakh.

കുറഞ്ഞ In Spain, although the incidence of the disease is low, there has been a popular outcry in protest of the lockdown and the economic downturn.

റഷ്യ Russia, which has a growing number of patients, will seek medical care involving 50 US ventilators.

2 2 more new patients in China.

ജ Japan will offer concessions next week in case of declining epidemics.

35 In Malaysia, an outbreak of undocumented immigrants has spread to 35 more. UN calls for stopping the hunt for migrants

10,000 Kovid infects 10,000 health workers in Iran with 1.29 lakh patients

17 Nepal 17 new patients, total 444. Only 2 deaths so far.

എണ്ണം In Pakistan, the number of patients is close to half a million. Death toll crosses 1000

ആരോഗ്യ African countries need to increase inspection rates 10 times In Africa, where there are only 14 million Covid tests, the total number of patients is approaching one million.

കോ Kovid, 2-day-old baby dies in South Africa

English Summary: Covid World roundup

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