Bozhkov offers a choice between Borisov, Peevski, Sreten Josic, Titi or Nasko Sirakov


Gambling boss Vasil Bozhkov released a new poll for the future owner of the football club “Levski”, which was declared by most fans of the team as a hoax.

The Dubai-based businessman offers a choice Prime Minister Boyko Borissov, MRF MP Delyan Peevski, Serbian drug lord Sreten Josic, “blue” activist Titi Papazov and team legend Nasko Sirakov.

Although the club’s official fan organizations called for non-participation in Bozhkov’s initiatives, thousands voted.

Later on Thursday, Bozhkov thanked the participants with a new Facebook post “for the interest, the activity and most of all for the courage to do it openly” and announced that “tomorrow at 10:00 the name of the new owner of 86.6% of the shares of PFC LEVSKI will become clear”.

On Thursday night, Nasko Sirakov leads with a serious lead over Delyan Peevski and Boyko Borisov.

The poll is open with up to 100 names, which allows fans of other teams to take advantage of it, who fill with mockery “Levski”. This year the team celebrates 106 years since its founding, but is on the verge of bankruptcy.

Hundreds of fans commented on Bozhkov’s initiative, and the assessments are highly polar.

The majority believe that he is mocking the team and holding it hostage, but there are also people who sympathize with him in the “battle against the junta” and appreciate the progress of the poll.

Bozhkov holds nearly 87% of the shares through close businessman Georgi Popov, who is believed to be with him in Dubai. Despite calls from the “blue” community for Bozhkov to resolve the property case quickly, he has so far given no signal that he is ready for it.

Bozhkov announced that he could not support “Levski” after the prosecutor’s office filed 11 charges against him and his gambling business in Bulgaria was practically closed.

In recent days, lawyers have been divided over who owns Levski. On May 8, Georgi Popov, a businessman close to Bozhkov and de facto owner of Levski shares, gave them to Prime Minister Boyko Borissov.

For his part, the prime minister refused to accept them and they are currently at the box office of Georgi Asparuhov Stadium. According to some lawyers, whether he wants to or not, Prime Minister Boyko Borissov cannot refuse to accept the shares. At the same time, Borissov is only nominally an owner if he is not registered in the shareholders’ book as such.

The proposals in Bozhkov’s survey continue the course he has taken. After Bozhkov announced that de facto Borisov had determined who owned the team for the past 10 years, he now suggested fans choose between the prime minister, Delyan Peevski, who donated half a million to the club, and international drug trafficker Sreten Josic, whom Borisov publicly referred to as threat to his life.

The poll also includes Nasko Sirakov, around whom the fans united for a new owner of the shares.

Against this background, Bozhkov has expanded his presence on social networks, and already has official Twitter account.

As the property problem remains unresolved, the situation at the club is getting worse. The executive director Pavel Kolev announced that about BGN 3 million will be needed by July or there is a danger that the club will go into bankruptcy proceedings.

That’s why fans continue the fundraising campaign.

The former football player of the team Valeri Bozhinov announced that he helped with about 20 thousand levs and so he ranks among the biggest donors. According to public information, however, the ranking is led by Delyan Peevski with half a million levs, which the club’s management decided to accept despite the resistance of the fans.

Peevski’s name is not associated with the team for the first time. Earlier this year, one of his lawyers, Alexander Angelov, donated a little over BGN 140,000 to Levski.

In the past, Angelov was the owner of Levski together with Ivo Tonev and Nikolay Ivanov. After that, the shares passed to Spas Rusev, and then to Georgi Popov, close to Vasil Bozhkov.

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