Bozhkov asks who will be the owner of “Levski”


Nasko Sirakov, Titi Papazov, NAC or Blue Bulgaria Trust – who will be the next owner of Levski? This is what Vasil Bozhkov asks in his new poll, after it became clear this morning that 80% of the voters in the inquiry on his Facebook page want the next majority owner of the “blues” to be determined by electronic voting.

“A week ago, I was hoping that the backstage games with PFC Levski AD would end. It didn’t happen. You decide who will get the majority property. Here I offer you the four most discussed candidacies and an opportunity for free choice,” the accused businessman said in a statement. which is located in Dubai.

Bozhkov presented “the four most discussed candidacies” – to Nasko Sirakov, Konstantin Papazov, the Blue Bulgaria Trust and the National Supporters’ Club (NAC). However, it also made it possible to add free choice by the people. This caused a strong activation among consumers and provoked their creativity, and immediately among the options were included MRF MP Delyan Peevski, Prime Minister Boyko Borisov, CSKA, Slavi Trifonov, Bill Gates and many others.

After the creation of the first poll for “electronic voting”, the chairman of the NAC of “Levski” Stepan Hindlian called on the fans not to participate in it and called it all a “circus”. He added that the Levski community is already firmly behind the legend Nasko Sirakov.

In the bTV program “This Morning”, the chairman of the Blue Bulgaria Trust Daniel Strezov said that it was not serious for the owner of Levski to be announced through a Facebook poll.

The crisis in Levski football club continues to be a major sporting topic. 86.6% of the shares of the “blues” are currently located at the “Georgi Asparuhov” stadium, and their owner is unclear. They were endorsed by Boyko Borisov by their owner in the last year – Georgi Popov, who is close to the businessman Vasil Bozhkov. The prime minister refused to accept them.

Both Bozhkov and Popov are in Dubai after being charged by the Bulgarian prosecutor’s office.

Nasko Sirakov expressed readiness to acquire the shares of the club and received the support of the fans.

Ladislav Tsvetkov

The financial crisis in Levski came after changes to the Gambling Act in January. They affected the club’s main sponsor, a lottery company owned by Bozhkov. Since then, the “blues” have been subsisting on donations and the sale of tickets, season tickets and items.

Footballers have not received all their salaries and can terminate their contracts at any time. For now there are no such indications.

In this situation, through an open letter to the media, Levski fans asked for help from Boyko Borissov to lift the attachments on the accounts on which Bozhkov sponsors the club. If this is not possible, they asked for an interest-free loan for Levski. For his part, Borissov said the state would help the “blues” financially, but only in the event of a change of ownership. The Minister of Finance Vladislav Goranov commented that at this stage such a possibility does not exist.

Meanwhile, MRF MP Delyan Peevski donated BGN 500,000 to Levski, which was not well received by fans. Despite the dissatisfaction, however, the leadership of the “blues” decided to accept the money.

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