Bozhkov announces to whom he will give 86.6% of the shares of “Levski” on Friday at 10 o’clock


Businessman Vasil Bozhkov will announce who will be the new owner of the majority stake in Levski (86.6%) on Friday at 10 am.

This is clear from another post on his Facebook page.
Bozhkov thanked everyone who took part in the vote on whether the new owner of the “blue” club should be determined by election electronically.

Judging by the published schedule, Nasko Sirakov received the most votes, who was recognized by most fans as a possible future recipient of the shares.

Bozhkov has already made an attempt to endorse the shares of Levski, which are in principle owned by his close friend Georgi Popov.

On May 13, journalist Sasho Dikov tried to hand over the endorsement to Prime Minister Boyko Borissov with the donated 86.6%, but the Council of Ministers refused to accept it.

In January, Bozhkov announced he could not support Levski after receiving 11 charges and the accounts of all his companies were seized.

The businessman is currently in Dubai.

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