Boyko Borissov: What do I have to do with the shares of Levski? I will throw the letter in the trash – BG Football – efbet League


Prime Minister Boyko Borissov has said he has no intention of responding to a letter from Levski’s leadership and will discard it. He once again stressed that it had nothing to do with the shares of the “blues”.


“What do I have in common with Levski to send me letters? I’m not interested at all. I will not comment on this topic. You expose yourself! They do it on purpose and you become their repeater and then take offense. What do I have in common? Someone , if he wanted to do good to Levski, he will hand over the shares to Nasko Sirakov immediately and the topic will end “, said Borisov from Pazardzhik.

Levski’s management sent a letter to the Council of Ministers to receive a refusal from Borisov to accept his endorsed shares, representing 86.6% of the club’s ownership.

“I will break it and throw it in the trash, because I have nothing to do with it. You will come to ask me if it was thrown. Come tomorrow, I will tell you that I threw it. Would you travel from Sofia to here ?!”, he was categorical. the prime minister to the media.

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