Bowlers are warned not to fall back into injury and two months training is mandatory


CoThe ICC said it would take two months for the bowlers to return to cricket after the VID. The ICC points out that bowlers are more likely to fall for a sudden injury when they return after a breakdown in lockdown.

The ICC also recommends that teams take steps to adjust the bowlers’ workload and include more players in the squad. The return to the one-day and Twenty20s will require six weeks of bowlers training anyway. The ICC said the bowlers will have a 12-week training period before returning to Test cricket.

The ICC said it would follow the guidelines to be followed when it comes to playing field after Kovid. Players cannot use the changing room or take breaks during training. Bowlers should clean their hands with a sanitizer if they touch the ball during play. It is also suggested that sunglasses and caps should not be given to the umpire or other players.

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