Boundary snake found for Rs 10,000 Unraveling of Utra’s Murder; Sooraj pleads guilty


Suraj woman’s husband found dead after being bitten by snake bite The Investigation Team found that Sooraj had killed Uthra systematically. Crucial to this is the relationship between the snake and the snake.

The case came to light that Sooraj had a close relationship with a snake named Suresh hailing from Kalluvathukkal. Suraj had confessed that he had broken all his defenses after being interrogated over a phone call with the snake-taker for six months. Sooraj bought the deadly venomous snake for Rs 10,000.

According to police, Utra’s parents had told him that some friends had come to Suraj’s house and that Suraj had taken them by the hand. Sooraj was looking for his friends who were holding the snake.

This is how Suresh and Sooraj bond. Soorj’s statement that the snake climbed through the window was scientifically broken. On the 7th of March, Uthra was bitten by a snake at her husband’s house in Adoor. The parents visited the family home for treatment and rest.

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