Borissov: If someone wanted the good of “Levski”, he will immediately give the shares to Sirakov (Obzor)


Pavel Kolev, Todor Batkov and Nasko Sirakov approach the monument to Vasil Levski. PHOTO: Rumyana Toneva

If anyone wanted to help Levski, he would hand over the club’s shares to Nasko Sirakov immediately.

This was announced by Prime Minister Boyko Borissov on the occasion of the current situation with the securities of the “blues”.

Their majority owner Georgi Popov announced to bTV that Levski had sent a letter to the prime minister because he had to explicitly renounce claims to the shares. Ten days ago, from Dubai, where Popov is with the former financial benefactor of the “blues”, an attempt was made to transfer them to Borissov. However, he flatly refused.

What do I have in common with “Levski” to send me letters? I am not interested at all and I will not comment on this topic. If someone wanted to do good to Levski, he would immediately hand over the shares to Nasko Sirakov and end the topic. If there is such a letter indeed,

I will break it

and I will throw it away

in the trash ”,

Borisov cut off.

“In order to comply with the law, despite the different interpretations, we believe that they are still his. If he refuses, they will return to me. The refusal may be tacit. We asked him within a few days if he would dispose of them. If it is not ordered, I will endorse the shares of Nasko Sirakov. It is realistic for them to be in Sofia with Mr. Sirakov by the end of next week (on this-b.r.) ”, Popov also stated on bTV.

Sirakov led a small “blue” procession on Sunday on the occasion of the 106th birthday of the football club.

He, the executive director of “Levski” Pavel Kolev and the former owner Todor Batkov gathered with supporters in front of the Monument of Vasil Levski in Sofia, bowed before the Apostle and laid flowers.

Kiril Ivkov and Georgi Tsvetkov-Tsupeto presented a wreath on behalf of the players wearing the blue team. The meeting was also attended by veterans, fans and employees of the club, but for security reasons due to the coronavirus from “Levski”

decided the event

not to be announced

in advance


and not to gather a large number of people.

After the gathering, the peculiar procession from the Monument of Levski to the mound to the 22nd school started, where on May 24, 1914 a group of boys from the Second Men’s High School held the constituent assembly.

“First of all, I want to congratulate all Bulgarians on this bright holiday on May 24, as well as to congratulate all Levski players on the 106th birthday of the club. I believe that I am legitimized by the whole “blue” community, but I have not yet been legally and legally legitimized. When everything ends well, I will give a big press conference to answer all the questions, “Sirakov said at the mound.

“The decision for Sirakov is very good, as he will unite the” blue “public.

About me “Levski”

is a way of life

not just an idea. So it is with my children. A tribute to all who give what they can for the cause. We must continue in the same way, now we must attract sponsors. Obviously, serious organizational and financial reform needs to be done. Sports and technical also have to give everything to perform at a level at the end of the championship. Happy double holiday. It is no coincidence that “Levski” was created on this great Bulgarian holiday. The club is a symbol of the revival of the Bulgarian spirit “, said Batkov.

At the same time, the “blue” fans bought more than 21,000 virtual tickets, which were released for the club’s birthday in order to raise funds again in the difficult financial situation.

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