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The Prime Minister Boyko Borissov reiterated that he was not interested in the topic of Levski’s shares, which were endorsed by the accused businessman Vasil Bozhkov on May 13. The prime minister then refused to accept them, and later clarified that he did not want to be involved and had no case on the matter.

What do I have to do with “Levski” to send me letters. I am not interested and I will not comment at all. If someone wants to do good to “Levski”, he will give the shares to Nasko Sirakov. If there is such a letter, he will I will tear it up and throw it away, “Borissov said during a visit to the village of Birkovo, where a new school is being built.

His words came after Bozhkov’s formal owner and partner, Georgi Popov, passed the ball to the prime minister again on Saturday. According to Popov, the transfer of the shares from him to Nasko Sirakov goes through a refusal of Borisov, as the management board of “Levski” sent a question in a letter to the Prime Minister.
“In order to comply with the law, despite the different interpretations, we believe that they are still his. If he refuses, they will return to me. The refusal may be a tacit refusal. We have asked him, within a few days, if he will “If he doesn’t order, I will endorse the shares of Mr. Nasko Sirakov,” Popov told BTV. He added that it is realistic for the shares to reach Sirakov by the end of next week.

Lawyers give different versions of the ownership of “Levski”. At first, most thought that Borisov was already the owner of the club. According to others, the endorsement of the shares is a donation and the Prime Minister should explicitly give it up.

“Levski” celebrates its birthday in anticipation of answers for the future

Along with Borisov’s comment, Levski is celebrating the 106th anniversary of the club’s founding. The traditional procession, which passed by the iconic for the blue places in Sofia, was led by Sirakov.

The former Levski footballer, who expects to receive the majority stake after Bozhkov announced on Friday that he would transfer them to him, was greeted with applause and congratulations from supporters and people associated with the club.

Sirakov refused to speak on the topic of the change of ownership and the future of “Levski”.

“I am legitimized by the whole blue community, but I am not legitimized by documents and legally. When the shares are here, in my hands, I will give a press conference to answer all questions. When it happens, then,” Sirakov said.

Todor Batkov (left) and Nasko Sirakov showed a warm attitude despite the differences in the past


Todor Batkov (left) and Nasko Sirakov showed a warm attitude despite the differences in the past

He returned as a key figure in the club after saying the words “I’m leaving Gerena seven years ago and my foot will not set foot here again”, and later criticized the management of the then owner of the Blues Todor Batkov.

Before the procession, Sirakov and Batkov showed warm relations. The former owner of the blues called for unity and support for the leadership.

“Levski” has had it, has it and will have it. It may sound strong, but as long as there are Bulgarians, as long as there is Bulgaria, so will the club. The decision with Sirakov is very good. It unites the sports spirit, the success as an athlete, he is the most successful sports leader. Let us unite around him and with joint efforts to move forward, “Batkov said.

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