Bollywood superstar Saheel to be India’s superstar Bhutia onn Sahal


Former Indian captain Bychung Bhutia has predicted that Malayalee star Shahl Abdul Samad will be the star of Indian football after Sunil Chhetri’s death in Kolkata. Bhutia has predicted that Sahel will become India’s next superstar during a live chat on Indian Super League’s (ISL) Instagram page. Bhutia also predicted that when Sunil Chhetri retires, he will be the highest goalscorer for India. Sahal, the Kerala Blasters player who debuted in the Indian jersey through the 2019 Kings Cup, has been praised by his coaches Igor Stimach and Sunil Chhetri for his dribbling skills and passing game.

Sunil Chhetri will become India’s most important player after achieving goals As an attacking midfielder, Sahel is mostly playing. “If we are less confident about scoring and getting more shots, we will get rid of Sahal’s boots,” commented Bootia.

When he starts scoring goals, there is no doubt that he will become the best finisher in Indian football. Sunil Chhetri will become India’s most sought after player. Saheel is also the future of Indian football, Bootia said.

Sahal’s performance in the Santosh Trophy tournament of the 2016–17 season has caught the attention of fans. Kerala Blasters Saheel was inducted into the team following his performance in the Santosh Trophy. Sahal, who crushed his first season, was named the best young player in the ISL. In the same year, he won the award for the best young player in India.

English Summary: Sahal to be the next big scorer after Chhetri retires: Bhutia

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